February 14, 2011

Dr. Google Solves The Mystery

I mentioned before that I was getting a popping noise when doing some ab work. It didnt hurt, but was a bit worrysome. I found it to be a bit better when I moved my leg in a different way (during that particular exercise). I've been doing some different things since then and havent had to think about the popping a whole lot. That is, until my run...

While I was running I had some pain in my hip(ish) area. As I was running with my sister I pondered out loud, going through what it could be. I realized it sure did seem like it was a hip flexor, and that my hip flexor could very well have been what was popping during that ab workout.

Turns out, during pregnancy the hip flexor and lower back muscles often shorten to compensate for the shifting of the pelvis and abdomen. So, I likely have some pretty tight hip flexors, creating a popping noise during some exercises and some pain when running.

Thanks Dr. Google!

I've searched around for some stretching and exercises I can do to help fix this before it becomes a problem and I'll maybe post them later :)


MCM Mama said...

You probably already found this one, but the pigeon stretch really helped me when I was having hip flexor pain after my marathon.

lifestudent said...

Thanks MCM Mama! I'm still compiling a list of stretches and things I need to do to make things in my body a bit less likely to break :)