December 4, 2009

Winter Gear Review

I went for my 5AM run this morning - and was greeted by a dusting of snow (in addition to the utter darkness) when I opened the front door. I checked the weather last night and it was predicted to feel like 9 degrees this morning so I laid out all of my new winter gear. I figured at least it would be a good chance to check it out.

I actually wore the Saucony ViperLite Softshell jacket for the Turkey Trot and it was too warm. This morning it was just right. The jacket has a built in blinker on the right wrist, which was helpful since I cross a lot of alleys running in the city. I didnt get hit by a car, so I think it worked well. I do have one complaint. I tried on several jackets and went with the Saucony because of the fit - it was a bit longer and slightly more tapered at the waist than others I tried on. But this morning I wished the waist has a pull cord or something to tighten it. It still had a lot of movement and I got a rush of cold air up the jacket while running into the wind. :(

When I bought the Nike Cold Weather Windless tight, the guy at the running store told me these were one of the warmest running tights. This was the coldest I have run in this season, and the first time I wore the tights. These tights have a special fabric on the thighs that is supposed to help with cold, wind and any sort of water. The funny thing is, I could feel where that fabric wasnt protecting me. I was cold right on my knee, below where the fabric ended. Also the back of my legs was a bit cold. I dont know how I would have felt in my other tights - I have never worn them in "cold" weather. Maybe there were cold spots just because I could feel the contrast? Next time I run in similar temps I wear my other tights just to see what happens.

Eight Miler Weekend

We have a scheduled 8-miler tomorrow, but tonight is my husbands work holiday party. Assuming I will have a beverage or two (or three, or four...) I'm planning on doing the eight on Sunday. If I can behave myself tonight, maybe I'll put in a short run tomorrow while Brooke is napping, but I'm not going to place any bets on that ;)

Running Log
Time:30:49   Distance:3.04mi   Pace:10:08

Again I was short of the recommended time for Warriors training. This was for two reasons. 1) I dont want to run for 40-45 minutes at 5AM 2) My hubby informed me he had to leave at 5:45 this morning and I certainly wasnt going to wake up earlier to get a run in. Instead I planned to do a 3 mile route. Good thing ... cuz even though I woke up at 4:55 (on my own), it took me forever to get out the door (as usual) and I walked in the door at 5:45 exactly. I guess its a good thing I ran pretty fast this morning!!!!

1 10:22
2 10:11
3 9:49

I survived my first "winter" run, though it wasnt a long one. The gear worked and I figured out a glitch or two to take note of in the future. Not sure I'm ready for the weather that lies ahead, but I think I'm getting there!


naomi said...

Thanks for your comments on my blog. When I'm running in Vegas on Sunday and thinking its too cold, I'll remember you running at 9 degrees! Talk about dedication! Have a great day!

Jamie said...

I'm so not ready for the snow and cold :( Sorry to hear about the tights not working out. I feel like I make do with the Nike tights I have. The New Balance cold/wind blockers seem to work well but nothing is 100% in Chicago!

Sarah said...

That picture just looks so peaceful! I give you a lot of credit...I am not at all an early morning girl and would never be able to get up before 5...good for you!!!

Lisa said...

Craziness I tell you. My first thought on seeing the picture was I hope she didn't fall. Pardon my worries, I'm a bit sensitive lately lol. Those tights sound nice. My tights I was wearing when I fell have built in panels to block out the wind and they really work. Except for the part that tore when I fell :(

lifestudent said...

It wasnt slippery at all this morning. Generally that dusty stuff is the worst, but this was ok! Maybe its cuz it was a temporary thing ... by the time the sun came up it was all gone! Perhaps I only imagined Winter?

kilax said...

I like to wear my under armour cold gear top and tuck it into my pants so I don't get that drift. What did you have under your jacket?

It was slippery last night and we were supposed to run outside but didn't. I cut my run short to 3 miles too ;)

Have fun on the 8-miler!

Our Love on the Run said...

Wow, u seriously are unstopable! As if 5am, darkness and snow aren't enough good reasons to skip a run on top of all that 9 degrees?!? WOW!! I don't get running pants- my knees always get cold too, shouldn't that part have the most insulation? Have u seen Craft's winter pants? Those look WARM! I think they are $120.00 tho!

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Jess said...

Hope the 8 miler went well!