December 6, 2009

Accidental 9 Miler

Today was the rescheduled 8-miler. Together with two others we head out at 7:30 this morning to do our run. I thought we understood the turnaround point ... which was important because one of us was quite a bit faster than the other two. I was wrong. We saw Gina, the faster one, pass the turnaround point and keep running. And running. And running. She was too far ahead for us to call her. We figured we knew where she was going so we kept running too. We ended up running 9 miles instead of the suggested 8, and still had a way to walk back to the car. If we kept running, we would likely have clocked around 10.

This is good and bad. I was really tired heading out. Not only has Brooke woken up an hour earlier both this morning and yesterday morning, but I really did not properly fuel yesterday. I didnt eat right and didnt even have dinner (unless you count chocolate covered almonds as dinner, which I generally do, but most dont). Each mile was challenging and I was sure I wasnt going to make 8. I intended to push myself to the turn-around and head back, but then possibly stop and walk back to the car. I was sluggish and even felt dizzy during the first few miles. But then, Gina was so far ahead she couldnt hear us. And I certainly wasnt going to get much faster to try to catch her. Instead, I kept running and clocked 9 miles when I was thinking I'd only do 6 or 7.

A few hours later I am actually a bit sore. And I'm still tired. And I still am eating garbage. But, at least I got my run in ... and an extra mile to boost ;)

Running Log
Time:1:35:38   Distance:9.01mi   Pace:10:37

Splits were all over the place today and I think for good reason. In the beginning I was feeling a bit slow/sluggish and it wasw about mile 3 when I started slowing down. I sucked it up for a bit in mile 4 because we spent much of it talking about the turn-around point ... which would have been at mile 5.5. Mile 5 was faster because we tried to catch Gina, knowing that she wasnt going to (and then didnt) turn at the right bridge. After we realized there was no hope and we would be running more than 8 we got back to a pretty normal pace and finished it up.

It turned out to be a good run. Finishing up I felt better than I did in the start, which is generally how I run anyway. I fight it for a few miles and then finally get into the flow.

1 10:54
2 10:29
3 11:14
4 10:38
5 9:51
6 10:43
7 10:58
8 10:42
9 9:55

This week Chicago is expecting some snow. It will be interesting to see how I can squeeze in my weekly runs and battle some elements in the next few days!


Blumster said...

Hey there! I happened to stumble upon your blog while looking through some other blogs I follow. I'm looking forward to hearing about your winter running tales. I'm in the Midwest, too, and find it extremely difficult to venture out into the cold. Maybe you'll give me some inspiration!

Rachel :)

Tricia said...

Much better than finding out you didnt run AS FAR as you had thought. :) I'm a first time reader, I look forward to getting caught up!

Kristin said...

Good work finishing 9 miles at a totally decent pace! You've really come a long way in just a few weeks. Hope the winter weather isn't too much of a damper!

christina said...


Bethany + Ryan said...

Hey that's a great pace!! Nice job! It must feel good mentally to know u ran so well for 9 miles, eventho u didn't always feel that great during the run! Chocolate cobered almonds sound kinda good!

kilax said...

What a crazy run! It's awesome you got the extra mile in! I bet you'll sleep well tonight.

I just checked the weather after I read it was going to snow. Darn. I hope my flight to Detroit isn't delayed tomorrow (getting there OR getting home!).

Jess said...

It's kinda nice to run the extra mile when you didn't intend to.

Xavi Garcia said...

mmm not a nice

Take care,

"XTB" Xavi Spanish living in Hong Kong!