July 19, 2009

Did It!

Race Report
Time:1:10:02   Distance:10K   Pace:11:17

Woke up at 5:30 with plans to leave the house at 6 (for a 7:30 start). Running races is a bit different now with a baby ... and I spent the time in the morning getting her (and the dog) ready versus myself. I noticed I only had a minute until my ride was to arrive and quickly shoved an Eggo waffle with a bit of peanut butter on it into my mouth ;)

I felt a bit sluggish throughout the race, perhaps due to nerves ... perhaps due to my poor eating habits. RunKeeper had me at 11:08 for mile one and 12:39 for mile 2 (my slowest). I slowed down quite a bit after mile 1 when I felt perhaps that I wouldnt make 6 miles at my mile one pace. Fastest mile was mile 6 at 10:38. Taking it easy for the race was a good strategy because I definitely had the energy to pick it up a bit at the end, but unfortunately still got beaten by someone's speedwalking grandmother at the finish.


Jess said...


home exchange said...

Congratualtions! But probably a good idea to sort out the eating so that you don't feel faint! :)

Kristin said...


Did you see that Starbucks is having free pastry tomorrow (7/21) from opening till 10:30 with a beverage purchase? I'm sure you're up on all the SBUX news but thought I'd alert you just in case. (Since you seem to be a fan of pastry as well as Starbucks! :) You can print out the "coupon" at the SBUX website. Although I usually eschew pastries, I'm making an exception and I have plans to go at 6 a.m. on my way to the Y (before they run out!)

aron said...

congrats!!!! :)

robison52 said...

Sounds like a tough time with all sorts of pressure and stress at home. Hang tough, with patience and continued practice you WILL get faster.