July 16, 2009

Beware: Crazy Ladies On Bikes

One if the perks of city living is the diversity in it's people. We have all colors, shapes & sizes. Unfortunately we also have a diverse range of sanity levels as well (myself not excluded).

Today Brooke & I were enjoying a nice leisurely walking up to Fleet Feet to pick up my race pack for Sunday when we encountered a lady a bit on the nutty side. As we crossed through an intersection she came barreling after us on an old, rusted 10-speed hollering "WATCH OUT! I DON'T KNOW HOW TO DRIVE THIS THING!"

While it would be nice if more people could come to terms with their inferior driving skills ... a public declaration isn't necessary. Just stay off the road, will ya?

Training Log
Time:34:37   Distance:2.94 mi   Pace:11:48

I had planned on doing a 5:30PM run today and was a bit smarter about my eating choices than yesterday. Today I had a yogurt parfait, a ham and cheese sandwich, peanut butter toast and a latte (thats just a requirement). I felt much better about the eating, but started off with some really tired legs. Due to some extensive errand running I walked at least 4 miles today. That plus a three mile run sure makes for a lot of mileage :)

Anyway, the run went well. I got in two runs since Sunday and feel pretty great about that. Only a few more days to go until my 10K and I am actually looking forward to it!

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Jess said...

*Sigh* Crazy people.