September 3, 2007

Just Your Typical Labor Day

After a quick 10 mile run, Patti freshens up ... And proceeds to "double-fist" it at 10:30 am.

Update: 1:30pm
Training Log
Time:  1:47:40 time  Distance:10 miles   Pace:  10:45 min/mi
Officially my second "race" on record, I completed the Park Forest Scenic 10 today. Though humid, and a bit hotter than expected, the weather was cooperative. The run takes you on a 5 mile loop through the woods, and the other 5 miles through the subdivisions. The 5 miles in the woods was challenging - a bit hilly, and the path was uneven at time (more like trail running ... which is not what we are used to running along the lake!). In addition, it was narrow in some spots ... and very quiet! The neighborhood had sporadic entertainment: 2 harpists, a string quartet, a rock band, some cheerleaders, a mariachi band. It was pretty crazy!

I felt good through the whole run, and even better afterwards when I rewarded myself with a nice, refreshing beer. I have been having some problems with my toe (its always something!) lately and right now its pretty swollen. Dont have much time to rest because I have to get to Wrigly field for the Cubs game in about an hour...but I am icing my toe (odd, right?) right now and then will head off to get the enjoyment part of Labor Day squeezed in.

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What a fantastic way to celebrate a great run. That race sounds very interesting - the most unusual set of race fan/supporters.