August 12, 2007

Chicago Distance Classic - My First Race!

I woke up at 4AM this morning to be greeted with thunder and lightning - in addition to the fact it was still pitch black out. Wearily I dragged myself to the kitchen to eat and have some water and then jumped into the shower. I wouldnt say I was nervous, and I also wouldnt say I was excited - it was almost a "lets get this over with" feeling :)

Jeff drove me down into the area where the race started, and I headed to the Team In Training Tent to meet the girls I run with.

We headed to the start line area - it took about 6 minutes until we actally crossed the official start line...and we were off! The run didnt seem very long, but it was hot and could get very congested in parts. About 1/2 way through the water providers ran out of cups, so they were pouring gallon-jugs of water into peoples mouths (mostly missing). Overall it was a good run - the heat and crowds forced us to go a little bit slower than we might have on a Saturday run. In addition, there was this overall feeling or expectation that today was bigger than a normal day - and the actual finish seemed anti-climactic. I am not sure how to explain it...being my first race I thought I would be totally psyched to cross the finish line - but instead I was thinking about longer distances I have already run and will still have to do over the next two months. This race was a great opportunity to see (in a very small dose) what the Marathon will be like, but I am glad its not my final event of the season. I feel like there is definitely something more out there (about 13.1 miles more to be exact!)

This picture includes me, Becca, Patti and Cara after the 1/2 Marathon. Becca and Patti are in my pace group, but Cara is just too fast for us so she runs with another group. We still let her hang out with us though, as long as she doesnt rub in the fact that she finishes so far ahead of us :)

And this one is just me, Patti and Becca after the race

Training Log
Time:  2:34:27 time  Distance:13.1 miles   Pace:  11:47 min/mi
When I pace myself on other runs, I do not account for breaks (water/restroom, etc). So this pace seems not to far off - on our longer runs we have been averaging about 1 minute in "breaks" per mile. Since we arent trying to actually WIN a race, we generally stop for water (instead of trying to run while drinking) and occasionally we actually need to take a restroom break. So, that would put us at a running pace of 10:47, with a total pace of 11:47.


Anonymous said...

Congrats on finishing your first race! I was thinking how hot it was on Sunday and how glad I was that I ran on Saturday.

Tim said...

Good work Dawn!