August 11, 2007

Final Countdown

I just set my alarm for 4AM, yes, 4 AM! The race starts at 6:30, and I need time to eat, make sure I have my stuff together (so I dont spaz) and get there - so I am making sure I give myself plenty of time. As this is my first race, I just dont know how I will feel and whats going to go through my head :)

I am going to hop in bed now and read Harry Potter for a while. I have been so busy lately that I haven't read it and so this is a good time to get a few pages done.

I am sure tomorrow will go great and I will post an enthusiastic and wonderful update shortly after the race - but if there isnt an update from me tomorrow (because I am sleeping it off?) then expect full details on Monday :)

Good Luck all CDC participants!!!!

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