January 16, 2010

My Shoes and Shirt Failed Me

The other night when I was too warm I wore three thin layers. One of the layers were from the most recent Turkey Trot. Its a long sleeve technical shirt but is super thin. I was super hot and sweaty and the shirt just clung to me (it was my base layer) but I assumed it was because I overdressed for the weather. This morning, in a 17 degree run (with the windchill) about three miles into it I noticed the same thing. I wasnt too hot or too cold ... but my base layer was sopping wet and clinging to me. Just great.

I also had a feeling that my shoes had met their final miles before the run, but this morning confirmed it. By the end of the run I felt like I was running without any support. The balls of my feet felt every step and are actually sore now, a few hours later. I wasnt sure if these shoes were going to make it much longer but didnt want to buy a new pair before Miami. I also have some confusion with my next shoe - the next model just came out this month and is really expensive. I cant seem to find the old model (what I am currently wearing) anywhere in my size. There were a few changes to the new model. It doesnt seem like the right time to try out a new shoe, physically or financially. But Im not sure that a) I can find my old shoe or b) that I even want another pair of that shoe anyway.

So I'm gonna pitch the "technical shirt" because it has now failed me twice, thats an easy decision. But what to do about the shoes I just dont know!

Running Log
Time:1:48:05   Distance:9.57mi   Pace:11:18

1 11:37
2 11:47
3 11:41
4 11:05
5 11:40
6 11:03
7 11:02
8 10:42
9 10:44
10 11:50 (pacing)

We actually ran with our pace group for about 6.5 miles and then ditched them. The first couple of miles were led by the infamous 11:00 pacer that paces at 11:30. We then took some turns rotating and thats where the time picked up. Mile 5 included a turn-around in which our whole group had to walk (for what felt like forever) to drink some water. If we are all carrying water why cant everyone just drink as they run? Whats the point then? Anyway, for 1/2 of mile 6 and all of mile 7 we jumped up with the 10:30 pace group (which appears to have been running 11:00) and then we were on our own for the last two.

Our intention was to run a mile out and a mile back to make it 10, but we actually got to a part of the path (along the lake) that was so frozen there was no way to get through it. We ended up turning around a bit early and headed back. We stopped a little bit early because we hit an area with numerous stoplights and figured there was no point keeping the clock going for a bunch of running/walking/stopping/waiting. Total distance was a bit short of 10, but more than the 8 everyone else did ... so I think we did allright ;)


Lorian said...

Yes, it is quite apparent that you ditched the pace group after mile five. Great "almost" 10 miler!

MCM Mama said...

Good job getting close to a 10 miler in. As far as the shoes, I'd probably look all over online or call all the local running stores. What size/shoe do you need? email me as I'm usually pretty good at finding stuff (it's the librarian in me). mom2shoo at gmail.com

Tricia said...

Awww the right shoes are tough, but so important. I just went through some shoe drama myself.

Good luck!

Bethany + Ryan said...

Good luck finding a new pair of shoes! Plenty of time to find a pair and break them in.
As for the base layer thing, I don't get it, everything u read talks about the base layer this, the base layer that. And how it should fitted etc. Any time I run in a fitted shirt it SOAKED when I get back. Of course Chicago is colder than Boston but having a wet shirt in the winter sounds so unpleasant! Good idea to not wear that shirt again. Well even with those 2 issues u still had a great run!! Miami will be sooooo nice!!

Jess said...

I would think you could find the old shoe online. Usually, even old models are still for sale, and at discounted rates too!

robison52 said...

Do you have a factory outlet stores in your area? Buying shoes that are last year's model for 50% less doesn't bother me at the least.

Did you know that the Garmin Forerunners have a pause setting when the timer automatically stops at traffic lights, and starts as soon as you start walking/running.

Thankfully, I don't need to wear three layers in Las Vegas! I wonder if your technical shirt was really technical or just a polyster shirt disguised as a coolmax? At least polyster is 100 times better than cotton t-shirts.