January 17, 2010

Shoe Woes - Part 2

Today the balls of my feet hurt as I am walking. The shoes are definitely an issue. Many of you suggested that the old verison should be available online (or in a warehouse) ... and I thought so too! I looked on every site I know, a few of them have the shoe at a great price, but in really limited sizes. One or two sites have my size but at the price of the new version. If I have to pay that much I am gonna get the new one (duh) not the one the new one replaced ;) We dont have any local outlets, the closest is 45 minutes or so away. I'm gonna call my local running stores to check to see if perhaps they have an old version in the back, that they want to sell me at a discount, of course.

MCM Mama offered to search for me, and I thought ... who knows how to find a pair of shoes better than running bloggers? So I figured I'd share my shoe information with everyone :) I'm currently running in a Womens, Size 11 (yeah, size 11!!), Mizuno Wave Nirvana 5. There are some sites out there that have them for under 100, but not in sizes anywhere near mine ;) The new version is the "Wave Nirvana 6" and is 139.99 everywhere. Considering the shoe came out about a week ago, I'm doubting I'll get it much cheaper.

I'd like to find the Wave Nirvana 5 at a cheap price now and buy the 6 later on, when the price drops. But seeing as my shoe has crapped out on me and I have a race in two weeks, I dont have a whole lot of time to figure this out :( Darn shoes!!!


MCM Mama said...

There's currently a pair on ebay for 79.99 plus shipping. I've bought shoes off ebay before with no problems.

I'll also call my local store later today and see if they have any.

Jess said...

Look at her (MCM Mama)! What a good little searcher!