July 15, 2009

Even Jessie McCartney Couldn't Save Me

I went for a run, but it didnt go as expected. I was tired, my legs were like lead, I got a wee bit confused, and couldnt make the full 3 miles I had intended. There were a few issues.

1) I seem to run better in the morning, but if I have to I can run at night. Today I ran at like 5 ... neither morning or night. And it didnt suit me.

2) I dont think I properly fueled. Today I had a donut, 2 lattes, a KitKat, a piece of cupcake, and a salad (I kid you not). Didnt seem to be the right combination of food pre-run.

3) It was hot and humid, at least compared to what I have been running in so far this year

4) I decided to run without a map and use RunKeeper as my guide with verbal cues, but it backfired. I just waited and waited for the voice to tell me it was "mile 1", but it never happened. I was sure it was broken, so I checked ... nope. I just hadnt completed a mile yet. I think perhaps I need the course so that I am aware of my general distance and how much longer I have in my run!

Training Log
Time:28:27   Distance:2.48 mi   Pace:11:30

11:30 is a pretty fantastic pace considering that I walked some, waited to cross a street forever, and generally felt like I was going to have to go home in an ambulance. I got through 2 miles and wasnt sure I was even going to make it home, so I skipped through my iPod for a sure-fire-winner. Unfortunately, this time Jessie wasn't the motivator I had hoped for.

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Jess said...

Sorry it didn't go that well, but some runs are just like that! Plus, you have some specific culprits to blame, like weather and fuel.