July 20, 2009

Free PASTRY Tomorrow!

I know I am getting to be known a the "Starbucks Girl". While thats not really a good thing, I am there about 2X a day (already hit my limit today) and talk about it quite often. I figure, if I keep shamelessly promoting them ... perhaps they will figure out that I am their dream customer and offer me a high-paying, high-benefit job with little effort required (and free Starbucks, of course).

Anyway, my mom mentioned this to me the other day, and Kristin over at Running with the Runner Girl just reminded me that Starbucks is giving away a free pastry with beverage purchase from open until 10:30 tomorrow. You need to print out this coupon.

I got into a nasty habit of having a pastry from them every day. I realized the error of my ways and cut that down to just weekends (with the occasional pastry on Wednesdays because I spend most of the day there doing schoolwork). I forgot about the free one tomorrow, and actually had one this morning (but I really needed/wanted/deserved it) when Brooke forced me up at 5:30 against my will and I found myself unable to get my head together without an emergency cup of coffee.

Their stuff is pretty good, I must admit. And they have been making some changes and I believe its noticeable. The stuff tastes a bit more fresh (but who cares, I'd eat a stale pastry too). Anyway, its a great excuse to get yourself a coffee and a pastry ... and if you are like me, and dont need an excuse in the first place, at least you can save a few bucks ;)


Sarah said...

I already printed my coupon out! :)

Jess said...

Oh! Thanks. I just may go pop over there today.

robison52 said...

Most residents of Las Vegas, cab driver included, avoid the Strip whenever they can. The Strip is our factory...and who wants to visit the factory on their day off? Most locals realize they don't build billion dollar hotel & casinos because they're losing money.

The last time I visited the Strip on my day off was to entertain visiting family from New York.

By the way, Las Vegas does have casinos out in the suburbs to lure residents...they have features that attract us like bowling alleys, movie theatres, day care centers, bingo parlors, arcades, etc. The infamous "Palace Station" is a local hangout that O.J. Simpson was arrested during a armed heist for his mementos last year.

The Life and Limericks of a DC Maverick said...

Thanks so much for this timely info and great Blog!