July 22, 2009

Need Motivation

It's been a few days since my race and I have no set time/date to run again. I need some sort of motivation and/or inspiration to run. It's not that I dont enjoy it ... because I do. The problem is that it is just such a hassle, and something I have a hard time fitting into my schedule right now. I need to have a reason to do it or its just not gonna get done.

A future race is always a good motivator. I need more than a 5K, because I can go out and run a 5K on the day of without any sort of preparation. I need to find a race with a bit more distance so that I actually run between now and then.

Running Buddies
When you have someone to run with you can set a "date" and then you know you at least will run that one time ;) I have a few friends I do run with and need to be more proactive about setting up runs with them. If I can get a few on the calendar then at least I will do more running than none! I had a friend ask me the other day if I wanted to go running with her ... I said yes, but we dont have a date/time scheduled. I guess I'll have to go harass her.

New Gear
Getting new gear always makes you want to go out and test it. I'm getting pretty close to needing new shoes ... and always love new apparel. My BIL (brother-in-law) just sent me info on a new Nike running shoe, the LunarGlide+. The concept sounds pretty cool - no more "stability" shoes needed? As far as I know, Nike lags far behind in their running shoes. I don't know a single person who runs in Nike.

There is a review on popsci.com. Basic conclusion? "They're fine", but the reviewer found himself "clomping along like a Clydesdale".

I'm already the slowest person out there, so I'm not sure I want to add Clydesdale clomping to my running repertoire. Perhaps for now I'll check into getting a new pair of Mizunos ;)

Update: Speak of the devil. I hit "post" and my phone rang. It was a friend calling me to see if I want to go for a run! We are going on Sunday morning :) How odd is that?

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Jess said...

Karma. The universe knew you were seeking motivation!

Personally, I need races to help me remain motivated, but there are certainly lots of ways to remain interested.