January 20, 2009

This Could Be Trouble...

I talk about cupcakes a lot (for example, here, here, here, here ... and the list goes on). I actually havent talked about them in a while ... since Brooke came in the picture I have been relatively tied down to two places: home & Starbucks. This has definitely taken a toll on my cupcake habit (probably a good thing) but doesn't mean that cupcakes have disappeared from from my life completely!

Well, looks like things might be looking up for me. Starbucks has cupcakes in its stores about once-a-year. Its some sort of thing where they like to create a frenzy. The supplies are limited and they dont have many at a time. I was in Starbucks yesterday and they told me that I just missed samples of the red velvet cupcake which is coming soon. When I finished crying, I was overwhelmed with excitement and anticipation. Now if I can only navigate Brooke's stroller through the ice and snow in the sub-zero weather the couple of blocks to get to Starbucks, and then actually be able to get a seat when we get there ... I would be thrilled to spend an hour reading a book, latte in hand, and cupcake in mouth!

New Cupcake Shop!
On another cupcake note, there is a new cupcake shop in Chicago. This is one of about a billion (including a bakery that makes cupcakes out of meatloaf) but it actually sounds worthy of a visit. Sugar Bliss Cake Botique has a huge list of cupcake flavors they have, that vary per day. The website offers pictures of each flavor, which I have been pouring over for hours. I cannot help but post a few here. Please join me in drooling.

Lemon Drop
Fresh lemon cake with lemon zest cream cheese frosting

Banana Banana
Moist banana cake with creamy vanilla buttercream

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