January 21, 2009

Women less able to suppress hunger

A lot of scientific studies are garbage. They are not properly done, results are slanted, and often they create reaction (or panic) off of baseless claims. At the same time, many of these studies (whether they are garbage or not) are the root of future studies that seek to either prove or disprove the work done previously.

There is one new study that I desperately hope to be true, in which the results seem to suggest that Women are less able to suppress hunger. If you are a woman, this might appear to be obvious to you ... but I assume men were doing the study so they were suprised. The article says "women have a highter tendency than men to overeat when presented with tasty food or under emotional distress". DUH! My favorite line of the article? "Female brain may be hard-wired to eat".

I love when science gives me excuses. Next time my husband says "You ate the WHOLE bag of cookies?" I can just remind him of this study. "Sorry! I am hard-wired to eat".

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