January 22, 2009

New Years Resolution: Giving Up Starbucks?

Turns out that the slowing economy is making a bit of impact on coffee consumption, as consumers are skipping Starbucks Coffee for cheaper options ... or just brewing their own.

Supposedly, reporters in different cities noticed shorter lines in their local Starbucks', causing Ad Age to launch a bit of an investigation. Results indicate that 60% of American scaled back on "fancy" or "expensive" coffee in the past six months, with 56% cutting back since just the beginning of the year (New Years resolutions). 90% of respondents indicated that this cutback was taking place to save money, and this cutback was spread pretty evenly across all income levels. Of those who have scaled back, 50% said they "cut back a lot".

McDonalds is taking advantage of the situation by promoting their line of specialty coffees and opening up McCafe coffee bars. They're starting a national advertising campaign this summer. I have yet to try any of the McDonalds coffees. Not that I have anything against them, just because when I do go there I have to get a Coke. McDonalds has the best Coke in the whole world. Probably even the whole universe.

I have to admit, I have noticed that my local Starbucks is less crowded. But, the weather here has been so awful I kind of just assumed that what why. I myself tend to go there every day, but with this weather have been there once a week. I'm cutting back by force, not choice! I promise I will return to my beloved Starbucks as soon as we can crack out of this freezing spell.

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aron said...

i have been doing that too!! i track how much we spend on coffee and its gone waaaay down lately :) plus i save time in the morning just drinking my own.