January 26, 2009

The Final Countdown

As I sit here having my lunch of Coke & Hershey's, watching my daughter scream and cry on the video monitor ... I realize that I only have a week until I need to start training for the 8K. What did I get myself into? When am I going to find time to run? Where am I going to find the motivation? When is this baby going to stop screaming?

Looks like Brooke has officially given up on naptime and her cranky self is waiting for me to come get her. I gotta finish this soda and chocolate ... duty calls.


Jess said...

Sorry, I've been away from your blog so long. Lost the link at some point, and haven't taken the time to come back via your comments.

Do you have a running stroller? If so, you could take the baby running with you!

lifestudent said...

Im actually in the process of getting a running stroller...but there are two issues 1) she is still too little for it (they usually say 6 months) and 2) the weather in Chicago is too nasty to take her out in.

I cant wait for the spring when we actually can go outside...for a jog or walk. I dont care! I just want to leave the house ;)

meanjean said...

You are telling me! While I dont have a baby to worry about, I do have a looming thesis and a total lack of motivation. My 10 miler is on April 5 (i think) and the "virtual training program" im signed up for wanted me to start training yesterday. I know for a fact that last year i was training way earlier than this...but hey! we'll just have to get out on the pavement (or at least on the floor for pilates) V-day weekend when I'm in town!