November 11, 2008

Getting Back In The Groove

This week I have my 6-week postpartum checkup. Generally its a checkup to make sure my body is healing well since Brooke's arrival, and the point at which I can obtain clearance from my doctor to begin exercising. I need that clearance to start any of the exercise classes I am interested in - so its necessary for more than just mental comfort.

Runners World has an article with some workouts and tips for getting back into running after a "layoff". I'm actually nervous about going into the doctor and getting clearance. Not because I am worried I wont pass the exam, but because once I am cleared for exercise again I actually need to get back into some sort of routine. Its scary to think about trying to fit in time for working out into my days with Brooke. The time can easily escape me and I'm not sure where the extra minutes will appear! First I will go to my exam, then Brooke and I will start thinking about where to go from here. As I mentioned the other day, I think the 1st step will be Stroller Strides.

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