November 12, 2008

What I Have In Common With Rachael Ray

Personally I find Rachael Ray a bit (ok, a lot) irritating. Yesterday I watched her show waiting for Brooke to wake up from a nap. She should have woken up much earlier, but was obviously very tired ... and some oversleeping on her part forced me to watch Rachael Ray since there is nothing else on. On the show she went to a throat doctor to disprove internet rumors that she actually has throat cancer.

And this is where I get to my point. Rachel Ray actually has a cyst on her vocal cords that she will be removing in December. Its part of the reason her voice is so raspy. I actually went to a throat doctor late last year who did the same procedure on me (shoved a camera down my throat) and told me that I had a cyst on my vocal cords. The procedure to remove it is elective. Basically, the cyst doesnt cause any dammage ... but might be attribued to my raspy voice, occasional sore throats, loss of voice and pitch changes. I debated getting it removed, but the surgery requires you to rest your voice for 2 weeks. I couldnt imagine not talking for 2 weeks! Then I found out I was pregnant, and could not do an elective surgery during pregnancy. Now I have a baby that needs to hear my voice all the time ... so when will I ever find 2 weeks in which I can afford not to speak to her?

I'm interested in seeing how Rachels procedure goes, and even more so in how her voice is affected by the surgery. She is going to have to go through voice therapy after the procedure in order to learn "how to correctly use her vocal cords", something I assume I would need to do to. So thats what Rachel Ray and I have in common!

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meanjean said...

do you know if thats hereditary? I have been told before by voice (theater) coaches that i use my voice wrong... and we know that you and i have some of the same voice stuff going on. I wonder if i have that problem too. Lord knows that i couldn't go 2 weeks without using my voice if i did have a cyst on my vocal cords!