November 14, 2008

Unfortunately, My Doctor Said I Can Exercise

I got the "all clear" yesterday from my doctor to exercise. In fact, she said I had no restrictions and I can "do anything" including "pilates, yoga, running, weight lifting". Sheesh. She just started listing things I could be doing. I was hoping to hear something more like "having a fussy baby is really hard and you should take it easy". My brother-in-law said I should have requested 3 weeks of bed rest :) It was too late though ... I was already home from the dr and had the ok to go on with my life.

After Brooke was born I thought I would never feel good again. In fact, I felt horrible for the first 2 weeks and pretty lousy the 3rd. But, since then I feel better each day and was sure I was going to get the a-ok from the doctor yesterday. (Though I certainly don't have my body back, I am mentally and physically doing great). I also was pretty sure I was going to feel anxious about returning to any sort of exercise routine and more likely to continue doing nothing ... so I booked a free Stroller Strides class before I even went to the doctor. Now I have already committed Brooke & I to attending a class on Monday at 11. I talked to someone and they are expecting me, so unless Brooke is uncooperative we are going to do our first workout on Monday!


robison52 said...

Looking forward to reading about Brooke and your exercise class on Monday...sounds like FUN! Geez, recommending returning to exercise by baby steps-baby steps is almost literal!!!

Linden said...

Congrats on the "all clear"! Remember, you'll like it again once you start doing it. That's how I always am. :)

And with pregnancy on my horizon, it's good to know that the suck doesn't end after the baby is born. Thanks for the warning!