October 22, 2008

Someone Elses Body

Brooke is 3 weeks old today - time has this amazing way of flying by
and standing still at the same time. She is now about 9.5 lbs and
gaining by the minute ... I'm now only 4 lbs above my pre pregnancy
weight. I know that's great and I should be thrilled, but the body I
have been left with must belong to someone else. My hips are wider.
My thighs are bigger. My stomach is jello-jiggly.

Although it's only 4 lbs not a single item of my clothes fit.
Maternity clothes fall off me and I couldn't squeeze myself into my
old clothes if my life depended on it. During marathon training I
would go up and down 5 lbs all the time - a good pasta dinner or
hearty dinner can easily tip the scales at 5 lbs ... But my clothes
always fit! That's how I know this body isn't mine.

Whoever stole my body please return it. No questions asked. Reward
offered. (If you return it in better shape than previous owner kept
it, reward will be doubled)

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