October 17, 2008


My husband likes to watch the tv show Cops (a reality show that follows the police in a variety of different towns and states) and since he is the master of the controller, I also have the joy of watching the show. As an animal lover, I have often been concerned when they use police dogs ... wondering how many of them are injured or killed in the line of duty. These dogs are often sent into a dangerous situation to find and deter some sort of armed criminal as the first line of defense. Today on our local news I learned about an organization that also seems to be concerned about the safety of our K9 law enforcers: Illinois Vest-a-Dog.

According to their website, Illinois Vest-a-Dog "is a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting the lives of K-9 police dogs through the purchase and donation of bullet and stab resistant vests". The organization has just donated its 300th vest, which are made by International Armor and cost $825.

There are a bunch of ways you can help including making a tax decutable donation. It looks like a pretty cool organization with a great cause!

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