November 4, 2009

5AM Run = FAIL

I didnt run this AM, but I swear ... it wasnt my fault! Last night I got all of my gear together and put it into the bathroom. I was mentally prepared to get up and run at 5. When I got into bed I told my husband that I was going to get up early and run - and he reminded me that he had to get to work even earlier than normal. Instead of leaving at 6, he had to be there at 6. There is no way I'm getting up earlier than 5 to run, so that put the kibosh on my plan real quick.

Instead, I planned to run in the evening. Though it is the worst time for me to run, I honestly just didnt have another option. So after a long (busy) day, Brooke's dinnertime, Brooke's bathtime, and subsequent crazy time, I went out for my prescribed "40 Minute EZ Run"

Running Log
Time:40:30   Distance:3.58 mi   Pace:11:18

My time, distance and pace are more of a guesstimate than actual data. RunKeeper lost a signal or something, right towards the end of my run. Because of that I didnt have a complete route and my end time wasnt captured. So I tried to generically remember what my screen said when I stopped the run.

As for the run, it was again extraordinarily challenging. I was so tired that I could feel the weight of my feet as I tried to drag them along the sidewalk in a forward-like motion. It was a slow (and quite grueling) run that I found rather unenjoyable. Again, I can confirm that the later in the day I run ... the worse it is. I am just out of energy after a day with Brooke, and to top it off my poor eating habits do not provide me with the proper nutrition for running. I found myself frustrated with the fact that I was doing 5-milers at 10:30's and 3-milers at 10:00 just a few weeks ago, but lost (what little) I had built to end up back at this point.

I guess it just makes the Winter Warrior program more important. Having long runs on the weekends should keep me more motivated during the week and I'm sure I'll be back to my old self in no time. For now, I'm actually looking forward to the 5AM run. There is no way it could be as bad as the 7PM run. Or could it?


Rookie on the Run said...

This scenario could almost be my own! Life can so easily make us change our plans. I'm impressed that you mustered up the discipline to run this evening... running when it's dark is NOT my idea of fun.

Kudos to you!

Jess said...

At least you found the energy to go and get it done. Plus, you did the whole thing!

RunToTheFinish said...

kudos to you for not skipping the run all together!!

oh and I just started reading wikinomics

lifestudent said...

Life can be a real kicker. Can I tell you how bad I wanted to stop last night? I could have walked faster than I was running. I must have looked like wounded deer ;)

RunToTheFinish - Hope you like Wikinomics. I think it was a well-written book ... kept me interested even though it was a "business book"!