November 3, 2009

Running In The AM: Maybe, Maybe Not

So I'm supposed to put a run in tomorrow. It's actually a really hectic day, but I figured I need to try this 5AM thing to see if I can survive it. So I checked the forecast and it looks like there is a really good chance it will be raining tomorrow morning. Raining and 39 degrees, supposedly "feels like" 33 degrees.

So I will put out all of my running stuff tonight and set the alarm for 5AM, but I am not promising anything ;)


kilax said...

Did it happen?! :)

Lisa said...

ha ha, yes we are struggling with similar morning run problems. Glad you commented on ym blog. I love to find new running bloggers and especially ones who run at about the same pace as me.

Looks like you have a full plate but kudos to you for taking all that one. I've become a follower and have added you to my blog.

Looking forward to following your progress.