November 2, 2009

My Instinct Was Right

Brooke was up at 6AM today, just as I feared. Compared to last Friday (for example) she had about 2 hour less of sleep last night than she has been getting recently. That made for a pretty unhappy day, and I wasnt even with her for most of it. I did manage to get my run in while the sitter was here and Brooke was sleeping for 1/2 of that time anyway, so I only feel guilty about the not-getting-work-done part, not the paying-a-babysitter-to-run part :)

As for the run, it was as you would expect a run to be after a month-long hiatus from running. Hard. According to my new training schedule I was supposed to do a 40 minute easy run today. I ran for 40 minutes, but it wasnt easy. In fact, it was one of the longest 40 minute periods of my life ;)

Running Log
Time:40:57   Distance:3.64 mi   Pace:11:16

Pacing seems to be pretty normal for me, but that was my average pace. My individual mile splits were all over the place: 11:54, 10:36 and 11:21 (11:08 pacing for mile 4). The funny thing is, I thought that I went out pretty fast. Ha. 12 minute miles are not so fast ... even for someone who just came off a one month hiatus. Mile 3 and Mile 4 were actually faster than that due to some built-in waiting at lights. Since I was pooped and really needed the rest anyway, I didnt stop my timer - something I actually do when I get caught up by a light when I know I'm feeling good ;)

Good thing I get a pacer for the long runs with this training program. Looks like I need it right about now!

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Jess said...

Yeah, this time change is not easy on a baby's schedule.

Nice job getting the 40 minutes in!