November 1, 2009

Winter Warrior Panic Attack

We had our kickoff meeting today and I was left with an uneasy feeling
in the put of my stomach. I figured I had a few weeks to get back in
the swing of things, figure out how this is going to work in my
schedule, and get my mileage up. I kind of assumed (dumb me) that we
would start off with a 3-miler.

Nope. 5 on saturday and 6 the weekend after.

I'm supposed to do a 40 minute run tomorrow but don't think I can try
the 5am run yet. Not just because I'm a wuss, but more so due to the
daylight savings change. Brooke woke up early today because it's now
light an hour earlier. I'm hoping I can get her back in schedule
tomorrow morning, but in the chance she wakes up early I can't exactly be out for a run when she does so.

I have TONS of schoolwork to do tomorrow and am now debating whether or not to use an hour of babysitter time to run :(. Or do I try to squeeze it in at night, between in the middle of the dinners and bedtimes and whatever else the evening brings?

Ah, I truly did think I had a couple of weeks till I had to worry ...


Jess said...

Yeah, babies don't understand the time change. Norah too was up early, and then trying to keep her up until 7, when she wanted to go to bed at 6, was a pain.

Good luck with the training kick off this week!

Jamie said...

Good luck figuring it all out. I can't imagine having a little one and trying to do it!

kilax said...

I bet it will take awhile, but you'll figure out the routine that works best for you! :)