November 5, 2009

Pre Run LIQUID Meal?

I have a bit of a sensitive stomach when it comes to running. Despite an entire season (and then some) of training for the Marathon I never quite figured out what to do about fuel pre run. I ended up going with a small amt of oatmeal or 1/2 an english muffin, trying to keep my consumption to a minimum. Now I am back at the same game again, but hoping to make it right this time. Since the longest run I have to do is 11 miles, I'm not as panicky about it as I was facing 18's and 20's ... but yet it still seems like something I need to figure out.

Almost all of the blogs I read talk about what they eat pre-run / pre-race, but I am thinking maybe I need to move to something liquid? I have tried oatmeal, toast, english muffins, bananas ... and just not eating at all. What are the options out there for pre-run liquid nutrition? I saw a few things that suggested making a shake - but they mention yogurt or milk powder. I'm thinking dairy is a no-no for anyone pre-run, but maybe some people with iron-clad stomachs can handle it.

Anyone out there know of a pre run liquid meal? (Since we know beer is only good post run)


kilax said...

All I can stomach is oatmeal, and sometimes, a banana!

Jess said...

I usually have a granola bar and a cup of coffee, so I'm no help with a liquid breakfast suggestion.

our love on the run said...

Hi, the pre-run meal is important but What's more important is what you ate the night before-what do you have on reserves and how much do u have on reserves? A liquid pre-run meal might cause that akward sloshing feel/sound. U r right to avoid milk! Talk about discomfort! I think u can train your stomach to get used to eating pre run, check out Nancy Clark's food guide for marathoners. I'd go with simple sugars/carbs, maybe half a bagel? Half a banana? Peanut butter? Even a few bites of a cliff-bar. Its tough to say tho because marathon running really is "an experiment of one!" :-) enjoy!

aron said...

i am a english muffin and banana girl but maybe you could do some sort of shake?