August 2, 2011

When Saturday Night Calorie Intake Is Your Motivation To Run

I did not want to run today.   No real reason.  Just didnt wanna.

But, we have a wedding to go to this weekend.  Weddings usually mean food, cake, and drinks (plus all that "I do" stuff).  I've been working to eat better and exercise more and a wedding sure can throw that off!

Sure, I could go to the wedding and pass on the cake.  Or drink less.  But, what fun would that be?  Instead I am determined to try to work out most days this week to create a little calorie buffer to save up for the weekend.  In order to create that buffer I also have to refrain from stuffing my face after a workout, since that kind of defeats the whole purpose.

Got in 3 miles today, tried to push myself a little bit, and then avoided the face stuffing post-run.  YAY!

Tomorrow morning I've got a date with my trainer, who I know will not go easy on me.  Watch out wedding cake, here I come!

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