June 27, 2011

Triple Nap Overlap

I got the kids down for a nap at the same time today, which actually is amazing given the past few days. Brooke has been sick and not sleeping well and that means that I havent been sleeping well either. Today she went to the doctor (for an unrelated issue) and it wacked up Ryan's sleeping schedule. But ... they still synced up together and at 2PM I had both of them sound asleep.

Generally I change into running stuff before nap, so I have no choice but to run. Today I didnt. I knew I wasnt going to run, despite my brag post about how I've been running almost every day. I knew at 5:30 this morning after Ryan woke up (only 2 hours after the last time we had to go in and console Brooke again) that I had one goal today: take a nap.

And I did.

We have had a few bumps in the road lately, but a little nap makes things so much better. Im watching the weather for a possible zoo trip tomorrow. If the weather cooperates, I might be checking out some lions and monkeys instead of kicking out some miles ... but Im ok with that :)

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Tricia said...

hope you get in your zoo trip