June 28, 2011

Long Term Race Goal

Someday, I'd like to beat this dog's 1/2 Marathon time

Turns out, Dozer decided to jump into the Maryland Half Marathon at about mile 5 ... and ran with everyone until he crossed the finish at 2:14:24. He had an unfair advantage, missing out on the first 5 miles, so if you calculate his pace given the missing miles I think I actually could beat him.

Check him out crossing the finish ;)

The cool thing is - his "parents" didnt even know he was running but once they found out what happened they set up a site to raise money for the race charity - the UM Greenebaum Cancer Center. Dozer has already raised over $17,000.

But, today's output wont get me near that goal. Some bumps in the road cancelled the zoo trip and my run. Oh well. There is always tomorrow. I do have to say that the treadmill has been a lifesaver. I dont have to freak about about finding a way to run. I feel confident that if I miss an opportunity today, I'll have one again soon. It makes everything seem a little bit more manageable.

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kilax said...

That is too funny! I wonder if they will ever let dogs run in races that long. Maybe some races do allow it?