June 26, 2011

12 Mile Week

Last week I got 4 naptime runs in - winding up with a 12 mile week. I havent hit the double digits in a while and it feels pretty good to have some more consistency. It's actually to the point where I am starting to realize I need some more variety. If I get the kids to sync up on nap every day, and dont have anything pressing to take care of, I'd end up doing a lot of treadmill work. I'm getting to really like it, but I think it might possibly be because its getting to feel safe. I'm comfortable running again and the three miles isnt that hard to knock out. I've been trying to pick up the pace, but I havent done much else to vary the workout. So, Im thinking I need to rotate in another type of workout here and there ... but really am not looking forward to it :(

Pretty sad, huh? A few weeks ago I complain about not getting any chances to run. Now I complain about the fact that I might be running too much. Life is crazy!

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Jess said...

Congrats on the 12 mile week! Getting the kids to sync up at naptme has been quite productive for you!