June 14, 2011

I Dont Want to Jinx Myself, But ...

I think I got this naptime running back in action!

Ryan has been fighting his third nap so I decided to drop him down to two. I moved his first nap a bit and then pushed him a bit so he synced up with his sister for her afternoon nap. For the last three days they have shared an afternoon nap ... and a LONG ONE. Both yesterday and today I got in a three mile run and a shower. I mean, on a REALLY good day I occasionally get to shower, but a run and a shower? Its priceless.

Miles: 3
Time: 34:29
Pace: 11:30

I also added a new widget for runtracking, but I'm still not sold on it. There are two primary reasons 1) it doesnt show my seconds, for my run time. Not a huge deal, but I like to be able to see all the info right in my face 2) it shares all my data with the "world" and I cannot choose to filter who sees it (or what people see) Im still playing with it and dont know how I will use it. I'll continue to tinker and see how it goes from there ;)


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Steph said...

Great for you to get the run and the shower, i remember how tough it was traing for my first half after my 3rd was born! WTG Love the blog btw!