June 13, 2011

I (Fortunately) Spoke Too Soon

Well, the guy was in and out and I really had my heart set on running. I figured Ryan would at least give me a few minutes on the treadmill before he woke up, and a few minutes is better than no minutes (especially when you are motivated!). I geared up and hopped on. I ran watching the monitor, expecting him to pop up at any minute. He didnt. I got 3 miles in! Then, I sat down on the computer and did some work ... and realized he looked like he was still sleeping pretty hard. I took a chance and hopped in the shower, and he was still sleeping when I got out. In fact, he slept longer than his sister. A new first! Pretty awesome day, I must say.

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Kerrie T. said...

Good job on the run and skipping the pastry! My guy slept a little extra today too!