March 11, 2011

My Coach Is A Drill Sargeant

My new coach has a very short attention span and requires me to finish a run in less time then I would like. This forces me to run faster if I want to get any miles in at all.

Today he cheered me on for the first mile and then started getting antsy. About 18 minutes into my run his mood turned negative and by 20 minutes he was yelling at me. I knew my time was short. Each transition I picked up the speed a bit, starting at 5.2 and ending at 5.5 (about 10:50 pace). It still wasnt good enough for him :( Finally I gave up.

So I only got in two miles, but it's more than zero.  Yet, the coaching didnt stop there.  He continued to harp on me even after I got off the treadmill. Here is the little monster giving me the stink eye while I enjoyed my post run brownie.

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Jess said...

At least he's cute to look at! :)

robison52 said...

Maybe his t-shirt influenced him?