March 15, 2011

Im In Trouble!

I was signed up for the monthly Pilates & Pancakes (which includes a 5k run) sat morning, but after Ryan was up from 1-5 am, it just wasn't gonna happen. I figured I'd get on the treadmill on Sunday ... But sat night was a repeat of fri night. He was up all night! I was exhausted.

Sunday night he slept, getting up only once (which is normal). Monday the same running store had "Burgers & Beer". A 5k or 5 mile run followed by a trip to the bar next door for a FREE beer and $3 burger. Now that should be some good motivation!

Unfortunately, I was motivated enough to go - but not to run the three miles. I "finished", but had to walk some. I'm still unable to complete three miles :(. It's pretty depressing. Of course, despite my failure, I still had a burger and a beer after the run.

1 comment:

Jess said...

It takes awhile to recover that endurance, so don't be discouraged. At least you're out there, doing it. And I too would have rewarded myself with the beer and burger -- especially at such a bargain!