March 26, 2011

It Might Be A 2 Mile Week

Every week I hope to get more on track, but it seems to continually get worse. The baby was up all night, every night, for a couple of weeks. He seems to be over that phase now. But, his sister has been getting up every night and singing/screaming/crying for 1-2 hours. The two of them seem to be playing off each other. She will be up from 1-2, he will get up at 2:30, she will get back up at 3:30, he is up at 5. You get the idea ;)

We are (or maybe were) at a loss with what to do about Brooke. She woke up the other night and first started saying she needed a haircut (what????). Then she said she needed to get under he blankets. Then she started calling for her Boots doll. Then it was "I need a kleenex". I ignored her for about 30 minutes and at that point the requests turned into a temper tantrum and we had to go in and settle her down. Why she wakes up in the middle of the night, we dont know. But we need to prevent her from getting all riled up when she does. So a friend of mine lent me this:
It is supposed to teach when to get up. Red light means its not time ... green light means it is. We explained to her that if she wakes up and sees the red light she has to go back to sleep. No singing. No crying. No calling Mom & Dad. We used it Thurs night and she never woke at all. Was it a fluke? Well, we used it again last night. She woke in the middle of the night and called "Mommy" a couple times ... then fell back asleep. No screaming and crying, no tantrum. I think it might work!!

So I got a good night sleep, right? Wrong. The baby picked up a cold. He is so miserable! He has been up all night the past two nights.

Its now been 5 MONTHS since I had a decent nights sleep. How do others do it? Am I just a wimp for not running while exhausted? Maybe Im doing something wrong here ...

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Jess said...

5 months is a LONG time without decent sleep! I'd be skipping the running too.

The red light/green light thing is a good idea for a child Brooke's age. I'll have to store that idea somewhere int he back of mind n case I need it somewhere down the road!