March 22, 2011

If Its Not One Thing, Its Another

Had an unhealthy lunch today including several Coke refills. Figured there was no way I could run ... or could I? Then, we get home from lunch and the two-year-old has a 45 minute temper tantrum before nap, she doesnt fall asleep until 2:30PM. I'm starting to wear down. The baby is due to nap at 3:00, but it takes him 30 minutes of crying until he falls asleep. Its 3:30. I'm exhausted.

I decide to try to run anyway.

Im on the treadmill figuring out how short I can go and actually consider it a run. Then, I realize, I have had a tough day and am still running ... I should do MORE, not LESS. I convince myself to keep going and actually try to knock out 3 miles.

The two-year-old is up early (for her), at 4PM. The baby wakes up at 4:02. It wasnt meant to be.

So I got in a whole 2 miles today. Hal Higdon would be proud.

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