March 20, 2011

Another Sleepless Weekend = No Running

I'm still at 2.5 miles as my longest continual run, and the Shamrock Shuffle (8K) is three weeks away. According to Hal Higdon I should have done a 4 mile this weekend. Next weekend is another 4 mile, the weekend after is 4.5 and the weekend after is the race.

It's not looking so good right now. I've never walked during the Shamrock Shuffle, but at this rate I'll be walking more than I am running! I have to at least break three miles, but I still don't believe that to be nearly enough along the training path to get me to the finish. So, I believe I need to do 3 during the week and 3.5 miles this weekend. (I know I should do 4 as suggested, but with the trouble I'm having with 2.5 I dont see that happening yet!).

In order to meet my modified plan I need both kids to cooperate and sleep well at least a few nights each week, in addition to syncing up for afternoon nap. It's a lot of eggs to put into one unpredictable basket.


Blumster said...

You are doing great! I'm all about modifying my Good luck with the training.

Jess said...

If you have to walk during the race, you walk. That's no big deal. Getting out there and participating and being active is what counts! Do your best with the remaining weeks' training and try not to stress over what gets doen and what doesn't.