February 10, 2011

A Couple Of Days of Rest

I'm working on getting the baby to nap regularly, and nap in his crib. We've been working on a schedule, but the schedule varies each day based on how long each nap lasts. Sometimes its 30 minutes (like all three naps so far today!) and sometimes its over 2 hours. Occasionally he syncs up with his sister's nap, but sometimes (like the past two days) he ends up being awake for the duration of her nap.

He's an easy baby and I can easily work out while he is awake (which was not the case with his sister, who demanded 100% attention during her awake time) but the past two days have had a few extra bumps in the road.

On a good note, I did sign up for the Pancakes & Pilates this weekend. It starts at 8 with a pilates warm-up, followed by a 5 mile or 5K run, and then a pancake breakfast. I'm super excited about the pancakes, and pretty excited about the pilates, but I'm a little sick to my stomach about the run. I remember my first run after I had Brooke, it was Jan 1 and she was exactly 3 months old. I ran a 5K and it was SO HARD. I ran the first mile, had to run-walk the second, and pretty much walked the third. I thought I could go out and run three miles (especially since I ran a marathon right before I was pregnant with Brooke) but I couldnt. So here I am, with a 3 month old baby, signed up to run a 5K on Saturday. I'm not sure my body can run three miles right now. On the other hand, I dont really have a choice - my training for the Shamrock Shuffle has to start this upcoming week.

Week 1 8K Training
Hal Higdon's plan says the following for next week
Monday: Stretch & Strength
Tuesday: 2 mile run
Wednesday: 30 minutes cross
Thursday: 2 mile run & strength
Friday: rest
Saturday: 30 minute cross
Sunday: 2 mile run

Since I know I will miss at least one of those runs during the week (I have no clue right now how I'm going to fit in mid-week runs) its good that I'm getting out this Saturday and starting early. I just hope I survive to tell the tale...


N.D. said...

ahh the days of trying to fit in the workout in the afternoon. Glad you can do it w/ the baby awake, Kara wouldn't let me, but Nick always did! It gets easier!

kilax said...

That Pancake Run sounds fun! I bet you can do it! :)