January 2, 2011

A (Tentative) Game Plan

I signed up for the 2011 Shamrock Shuffle - taking place April 10.
I havent really run since the shuffle last year, so I have my work cut out for me. One of the main issues I had when I returned to running after Brooke was my back. Having a baby destroys your abs, which makes running really challenging. After Brooke I took a really great post-natal class that focused directly on abs for 5 weeks. I then took the second level of the class, and thus did 10 weeks of intensive ab work post baby. I looked into it this time around and the schedule just does not work for me at all. Luckily, I have the worksheets from the last time I took it. My goal is to attempt to do this class on my own and start to strengthen my abs for a few weeks, then start running again.

Hal Higdon's schedule suggests an 8 week training program for an 8K. That means I need to start training February 13 in order to run on April 10. Between now and Feb 13 I'm going to work on some strengthening to help ensure I dont injure myself when I do start running!

The ab class would build each week, with week 1 being much easier than week 5. I have the worksheet from week 4 I'm going to use as a guideline.

Warm up exercises
Main Set
1. Torso Extensions or “Press Ups” 10 reps
2. Superman – upper & lower body 20 reps
3. Front Plank – from toes 30 seconds, 3x
4. Bird Dogs – limbs off centered 10 reps – hold each position 10 seconds
5. Kneeling Leg Curl & Pulse 30 seconds + 30 seconds
6. Side Plank and leg lift 30 sec + 20 sec + 15 leg lifts
7. Segmental Hip Bridges with heal lifts 10 reps, 2x
8. Pelvic Floor Gliding Contractions 120 seconds
9. Torso Rolls with leg extensions 60 seconds
10. TransVersus Abdominus I (TVA) 15x each leg, 3x
11. Crunches – feet off of floor 15 reps, 3x
12. Roll Downs 10 reps
13. Kneeling Scapular Retractions 60 seconds, 2x
14. Pilates 100 60 seconds
15. Pushup – Modified 10 reps, 2x
16. Cats & Dogs 10 reps

Pigeon Stretch, Hip Flexor Stretch, Goddess Stretch, Plies with arm sweeps

The full worksheet is here, and it details each of these exercises with how-to's and general tips ... in case you are interested ;)


Aron said...

looks like a great plan! that race always sounds like a fun one :)

meanjean said...

I'll totally race with you in April-also, you might want to consider doing a little yoga with your sister in the coming months...

Jamie said...

looks like a good plan. core work is always a good idea babies or not ;) I think I'm staying away from the shuffle this year it's just too much for me!

Kristina said...

I'm also doing the Shuffle this year. I'm a first timer - I just started running last summer and have only done two 5k's since then. I'll also be following Hal Higdon's 8k plan. Did you follow that plan last year? I was looking at it yesterday and was a little concerned that there was only one 5mile run and a few four mile runs. I'm pretty comfortable doing 2 to 2-1/2 miles right now but I'm worried about being able to complete 5 miles with that plan. I'd love to hear your thoughts on it!

lifestudent said...

Kristina - Last year I did the Shuffle after training for a 1/2 marathon, so training was a bit different ... but the year prior I did follow the Hal Higdon plan starting at 2 miles. If you search back in my blog to 2009 in Jan or so I prob talk about it. I had no problems running the 5 miles for the Shuffle and am 99% sure it was the first 5 miler I had done in over a year or so!!!

Kristina said...

I read through your 2009 training for the shuffle and I'm really impressed. You not only had to schedule your runs around a baby and a husband but also had to do them outside in January, February and March in Chicago? You are my new hero! I plan on doing most of my training on the treadmill at the gym until the final few weeks, weather permitting.

I used Map My Run last summer and had a lot of the same problems you had with Runkeeper. So frustrating! It looks like we live roughly in the same area - I'm 4 blocks north of Wrigley. I love running along the lakefront but also started running through Lincoln Park last fall (I had to take the bus there, though, because it's too far to run to!)