January 31, 2011

New Ab Workout

I tried to download some free exercise videos OnDemand, and most of them ended up being 30 minute promos for you to purchase their video product. That wasnt exactly the plan, and so most of my time searching and downloading was wasted. I was looking for more cardio type stuff, but ended up finding one video that was an ab workout with a length of 15 minutes. Since I've been doing ab stuff for a couple of weeks I figured I could handle a 15 minute ab workout. In fact, I sort of figured it would be easy. Oops.

Though the tape was 15 minutes, the workout was only 12. It was called Six-pack Ab Calorie Burn and focused primarily on obliques. This is an area my other ab workout lacks in (I think because obliques might not be the right area for post-partum). In addition to the focus on (my neglected area of) obliques, it was also fast paced (hence, the "calorie burn" portion). I have been doing my ab workout at a leisurely pace and often breaking the whole workout into segments. Essentially, the workout kicked my butt.

I did it last Friday and my sides hurt all weekend. They are actually still a bit tender today, but I went ahead and ran through the 12 minutes again. Since it obviously is a challenge to me, and only 12 minutes, I'm going to try to sneak it in now and then. I've gotta be able to find 12 minutes...right?

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Jess said...

I have a DVD that breaks up 5 workouts into 10 minute sessions. I always think: I should have 10 mintues right? Somehow, for strength training, I never do ;