November 15, 2009

Anthony Edwards Acts His Way To The Finish Line

This video has been around the running community for a while, but I have actually talked to a runner or two who hasnt seen it. Shocking! Its a video Anthony Edwards did about his participation in the recent NYC Marathon. I was thinking about it during my long run on Saturday and wondered how he actually fared in the race.

Check out the video if you havent seen it yet!

Well, he did a pretty good job of acting like a runner. Anthony Edwards finished in 4:08:20 :)

Some other celebrity finishes:
Matthew Reeve (son of Christopher Reeve) = 4:23:36

George Hirsch (founding publisher of New York magazine and "brainchild" behind Runner's World magazine, age 75) = 4:06:14

Edward Norton = 3:48:01

Alanis Morissette = 4:28:45

On an interesting note, David Blaine was supposed to participate and he didnt. The guy can levitate, go for days without eating or sleeping, and bury himself alive, but he can't swing the NYC Marathon? Interesting...


Jess said...

First of all, like the new look! But it took me a minute to figure out where to comment.

Maybe David Blaine DID run, but he made himself invisible while he did it.

lifestudent said...

Its a little confusing, I'm still tinkering. I have no ability to do this on my own so I download a free template and then try to tinker, which I suck at. The comments thing is wacky, the toolbar at the top seems to move around, and I cant figure out how to get a date stamp on my posts. Like I have nothing else to do but mess around with my blog ;)

If he did make himself think he would have figured out how to make himself (or his chip) visible at the mats so at least he would have recorded a time. Isnt he supposed to be THAT awesome (or so he says)?