November 16, 2009

New Look, Lots Of Wasted Time

Visiting all of your awesome blogs has made me realize how much mine stinks (visually, of course). So though I complain and whine about not having any time for anything in my life, I spent HOURS yesterday tinkering around with a new template. And I'm not done. There are a few kinks I just cant work out and since I have no clue what I am doing I'm not too sure how to fix em. Oh well, more hours to spend on this blog administration to come...

I mentioned previously the issues we are having with Brooke. Its been days since any of us have had a good night sleep. She had to go back to two naps because she has been so exhausted, yet I am not recovering from these rough nights and its starting to wear on me. Last night I pondered an am run this morning. I've got 40 minutes on the schedule and (like usual) cant really find 40 minutes to spare. I was wrapping up my day at 10:30pm and checked the weather - it was supposed to be about 40 and raining in the am. Then I realized I didnt know where any of my running gear was since I hadnt finished the laundry. I tried on some new running tights, rummaged through the laundry room for some other stuff, then got wrapped up in other tasks. Next thing it was 11:30pm. I decided I needed the sleep and would find another way to get my run in.

(Brooke had another rough night of sleep, but better than its been the past few days. She now has a cough and I'm not sure if thats part of the previous problem or something entirely new. Thanks to all of you guys for your suggestions and offers of encouragement! We keep thinking it could be teething (she is definitely getting new teeth) but she has never been like this with teething before. Then the appearance of a cough just messes up all of the guessing I've done over the past few days. Today she woke up in a better mood but still is very sensitive and has quite a short fuse. She is lucky she is so cute because she is actually driving me a bit crazy.)

Tonight I am attending a meeting at a local school in regards to a proposed cellular antenna on the roof. Since this school is very close to our house I want to make sure I hear all of the information and make my opinion known. The meeting is at 6:30 and the only way I think I can get a run in today is if I show up at the meeting in my running gear and head out from there. But I wonder if this is hugely inappropriate and have been pondering the issue all day. Oh, what to do?


Lisa said...

I like the new look. I recently changed templates in honor of my 100th post but now I am wishing for a 3 column layout instead of 2. Oh well.

Sorry to hear taht Brooke is still having atough tim with sleeping... I remember those days. All I can say is that they DO end.

And showing up in your running clothes to the meeting is totally fine. People have to realize that other people have lives and you gotta do what you gotta do!

Take care.

Jess said...

Sorry to hear that Brooke is still sick; hope she gets better soon! For everyone's sake.

kilax said...

I like the new layout! The gray on white is kind of hard to read, but I read in google reader anyway, so it doesn't matter :)

Sleep is definitely the right choice! I think I need to do that too. I have been doing too much, and I can feel that my body is getting worn down.

I hope Brooke feels 100% better soon!

Jamie said...

Sorry to hear Brooke still isn't 100%. Hopefully it ends soon.

New layout is looking good!

RunToTheFinish said...

man look at this new fancy schmancy place :)

Stinkers on the lack of sleep...seriously you parents amaze me...I am a bear without my sleep

lifestudent said...

Ok, I made the font slightly darker - but its still grey. Perhaps its the white background thats the issue? I dont like the idea of using a colored font ... makes my brain hurt.