November 14, 2009

My Pacer Cannot Pace Herself

Second weekend of long runs with the same issues as last week: caught by stoplights, stopped at water fountains and paced much slower than we were supposed to (even with me stopping my timer at the lights AND at the water stop. TWICE).

Again, I guess there is that old "dont look a gift horse in the mouth" thing. I'm not sure I could do 6 miles at 11:00 pace right now. BUT, that's what I signed up for and if I can't keep up with the pacer its my own problem. I'd like to push myself a little bit during this program (since I rarely push myself in any other way) and it seems like something is standing in my way.

Enough griping. Its still unseasonably warm in Chicago and a great day for a run. I finished my 6 miler and stuffed my face with a latte and cinnamon roll afterwards. And I was happy.

Running Log
Time:1:07:07   Distance:5.82 mi   Pace:11:32

I couldnt get my iPhone RunKeeper ap to sync up my location in the beginning, so I started my clock a bit late - we did run right about 6 miles. My friend has a Garmin and couldnt catch a signal with hers either, so something fishy was going on in the beginning ;)

We started out the run and commented to each other that we felt like we were going really slow. Like, you-can-walk-faster-than-this kind of slow. My friend with the Garmin checked our current pace at that moment and we were "running" about 12:40 miles. WHAT??? Througout the 6 miles we could feel the sharp contrast in our speed ... picking up and dropping off. I cant explain how irritating it was. At the end she says to us ".5 miles left, if you want to sprint it in, go ahead. just make sure to stretch". Which I think meant "I went out last night and am hanging really bad. I could barely do the 5.5 we have done so far and dont think I can make the last .5". I cant figure out why else her running was so messed up, and she is a "pacer" with an organization we paid to join ... with the perk of having a "pacer". We ended up pacing at 11:32 average, which would be fine, if I wasnt running with an 11:00 pace group. ARRRH.
1 12:08
2 11:31
3 11:18
4 11:08
5 11:22
6 11:48


Jess said...

Maybe you should say something to the organizers and see if you can either get a different pace leader or switch pace groups.

Lisa said...

Well that is certainly frustrating. Some days you are on and other you aren't. If the pacer can't maintain the pace though I would definitely say something. You should get what you paid for. I wish I could find a running group like you have.

lifestudent said...

Jess - there is only one pace group at each time. We talked about trying the 10:30's (the next faster one) but if the 10:30's are actually running 10:30's (which, logically, you assume they are) then they are too fast for me. The next group is behind us and they are 11:30's. Since we are running 11:30's, they are either doing the same ... or going even slower than that!