November 7, 2009

4.87 Miler - Week 1 Complete!

Today was our first group run for Winter Warriors - and it was about 55 and sunny. That was definitely a perk, but there were a few hiccups along the way.

I have never run with a pace group. Even when I trained for the Marathon with Team In Training, a couple of other girls and I went rogue and did our own thing instead of running with a pack. Team In Training seemed pretty flexible in that way, where as Chicago Endurance Sports (the group I'm training with now) seems less so. So I stared off with the 11:00 pace group and figured I would go from there.

Hiccup One
We start off in the neighborhoods, just a bit from the lakefront path. We were told that there was a specific starting point that was measured exactly from a mile marker on the path, so that they could create running routes for us. Totally logical. Except ... the starting point was about one block from a hairy three way intersection. So we ran one block and then stood at a stoplight for (what felt like) forever.

Hiccup Two
Due to the approaching winter, there isnt really any water available along the lake. We were told to bring our own water, but we still stopped for water anyway. There is one big water trough that is open year round - about 1.5 miles into our running. Our pace leaders said we were stopping because a lot of people didnt have their own water, but that we should make sure to bring it in the future. There were tons of people at this fountain and we had to sit there and wait. And wait. And wait. 1.5 miles into a 5 mile run.

Hiccup Three
We stopped at the same fountain on the way back

Hiccup Four
We were a bit short of 5 miles. I know that .13 miles is pretty much nothing, but I guess I'd rather go over the distance than under it. Oh well!

Hiccup Five
Despite the fact that I was with an 11:00 minute mile pace group, we ran 11:30's.

Running Log
Time:56:02   Distance:4.87 mi   Pace:11:30

Mile Splits
1 11:59
2 11:19
3 11:27
4 11:26
5 11:18

I am going to be honest and say I'm glad my pace group was doing 11:30's instead of 11's, but that isnt what I had intended. I'm still struggling a bit to get back into the swing of things and needed the slower pace, but I'm hoping that in a week or two that wont be true any more. The first mile was so slow because of that stinking stoplight - after that huge delay I actually stopped my watch at the water stop (twice) and the intersection on the way back. If I had kept it running I would have paced at 12 minute miles for the whole run, easily :(

Though I did struggle a bit today, I have now officially completed my first week back on the wagon. I felt fine at the end of the run, and still feel fine now a few hours later.

Next weeks plans? At least one 5AM run, and a 6 miler on Saturday!


Jamie said...

You would think the kinks would be worked out. Good job on the 5 miles nonetheless! Hopefully it gets better!

kilax said...

I hope next week goes better! This was a good "warm-up" run! :)

Sarah said...

It is great you are back out running! Hopefully things will smooth out a bit and the runs will be a little less chaotic.

Jess said...

Well, that sucks for the most part, but hopefully, the glitches will get ironed out as the groups get more comfortable with the routine.