November 13, 2009

For Once, I Did Something Right

I wasn't too sure I should tinker with my training program. The
people running it have been doing so for a while, and the coaches all
seem pretty smart. There was a reason we have a short run on Friday
(vs Thursday, with Friday as a rest day), but looking at my life I
thought it might not work for me.

So I got my run in yesterday - and it's a good thing I did. Brooke
has been a bit off the past few days. Despite a bit of a fever, some
clinginess and irritability, she has no other symptoms. We aren't too
sure what's up with her! Last night she woke up screaming and crying
- EVERY HOUR between 10pm and 7am. So she was up at 10, 11, 12, 1 ...
You get the picture.

I didn't go in to get her, she seemed to be crying almost in her
sleep. She wasn't fully awake and me walking into her room would
change that quick. Instead, I woke with her each hour and watched/
listened on the monitor. Needless to say, it was a horrible night.
And though it's not yet 11am, today hasn't been so great either.

There is no way I was going to get in a 5am run this morning. And
judging from my day thus far, I wouldn't get one in later today either.

So getting that run in yesterday was the best idea I've had all week!
If Brooke wasn't so miserable today (right now she is passed out in
her carseat and I'm sitting in a parking lot so we both can enjoy a
stress-free moment) I'd be feeling pretty good right about now!


Lisa said...

Ugh, I remember those days. Could she have an ear infection?

Good thinking on your run yesterday. Yes, training with little ones and not so little ones around does sometimes throw the schedule off.

Get some rest and hope Brooke feels better soon.

Sarah said...

Hope she feels better soon! My son has been sick for the last 4 days!! thankfully he is finally starting to improve. I have been up so much with him at night there is no energy left to run.

Hope she feels better soon!

aron said...

nice job making the plan work for YOU! :)

Jess said...


lifestudent said...

We think its one of the two, ear infection or teething. She has never been like this before and has 7 teeth, but maybe molars are coming in?

Either way, nobody in this house has slept in a few nights now...

robison52 said...

We're all an experiment of one...what works for me, or what works with professional coaches, might not work for you. It's always better to listen to your body and be flexible with your training...NOBODY knows you better than you.