November 12, 2009

I'm A Tight Corner Hugger

My training schedule for Winter Warriors has me running 4 days a week - Monday, Wednesday, Friday and then Saturday (long runs). When I trained for the marathon (back in the day) we ran consecutive days so that there was a rest day before and after long runs, which I think I'm going to do for this new training program too.

As a reluctant runner, I worry that my procrastination and avoidance will create issues with the Friday run. If I cant get it done during the day I have to do it at night, which leaves 12 (or less) hours between runs. In addition, if I dont get it done during the day I'll likely blow it off alltogether. Instead I plan to do that run on Thursday with a Friday rest - helping me mentally and physically prepare for Saturdays. And in the chance I dont get the run done on Thursday (or one of the other days of the week) then I have some room to play with my schedule since Friday will be open.

I began my Friday-run-on-Thursday today. My sister was still around and so I left during Brooke's nap to do my 30 minute run. So yes, I got out of the 5AM run once again ;)

Running Log
Time:27:44   Distance:2.62 mi   Pace:10:36

Before I left I mapped out a run on Favorite Run that was a little less than 2.9 miles. I assumed an 11 minute pace would make that about 30 minutes. Little did I know that I would run so fast, or hug the corners so tight. I guess when you are trying to get a run over with you will do just about anything you can ;)

So I ended up about a quarter mile less than planned and I'm not really sure where it went. I also ran faster than planned with a 10:36 pace (and that includes waiting at two stoplights) and thus ended up not making my 30 minute suggested run. Personally, I think 27:44 is good enough and so I'm pretty happy with myself. The first two miles were 10:42 and 10:50, so I actually wasnt too far off of my expected pace ... I just ran too fast for that last .62. I'll remind myself to slow it down next time so I dont have to find a longer route for my 30 minute Friday-on-Thursday runs. Yes, I am that weak.

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kilax said...

I miss training programs with 4 or 5 days of running! After I injured myself, I am sticking with 3 days a week :(

I would probably end up resting before the long run if I was on your schedule too!