February 1, 2011

Work It Out, Yo!

Today's video was a cardio video recorded from FitTV, from the Dance & Be Fit Series. I chose "Hip Hop Cardio - Sexy Sculpt" because I thought the music would be fun. Wrong. It wasnt a song or anything I knew, just a background beat. Instead, the woman did these funky "hip hop" moves that I just couldnt quite master. I knew I was in trouble with the girl told me to "Work it out, Yo!". I'm really glad I wasnt on any sort of hidden camera because it would have been a sure winner on Americas Funniest Home Videos or something :( The other issue was that the recording had commercials in it - two of them. One in between the warm-up and workout and one in between the workout and cooldown. The entire recording was 30 minutes, so minus commercials (including an intro) I'd guess the workout was about 25 minutes?

I just did a search and hulu.com has the video at 55:34, so it must include some stuff left out from the OnDemand recording I had, but includes more commercials (thanks to hulu.com) that you cant fast-forward through. Yup, I just did a quick watch of minute 12ish and I didnt do that funky move. Thank goodness, it would have been even worse than the other stuff I did.

Well, if you want a good laugh at the sweet moves I attempted, here is a brief clip.

Lesson learned: Just because you listen to Hip-Hop Music doesn't mean you can do a Hip-Hop workout.

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Jess said...

I think I'd be too embarassed to even try that in the privacy of my own home, so kudos for doing it!