September 23, 2009

The Internets Are Broken

I seriously feel a sense of panic ... Like my world is collapsing. I
have not been able to get online since yesterday early afternoon.

I have work to do, that of course must be submitted online. Last
night we couldn't find the number to call for tech support, because we
can't get online. There is a package I am waiting for, but I can't
get online to track it. There are some things I need to order, and
they are "catalog/Internet" only (I could actually do this through the
old fashioned telephone ordering ... But Brooke shredded the catalog
and I don't have any of the info I need to place the order).

So a "normal" person would grab their laptop and go somewhere with
wifi, right? Try taking a baby with you to go somewhere and get some
work done. Aint gonna happen. I do a lot of my work during her
naps ... But if I go to Starbucks right now while she is sleeping I am
pretty sure the police would show up at my door ;)

I really would have no choice but to take her, but the stupid AT&T
service people said there would be a tech at my house between 10am and
8pm. AN 8 HOUR WINDOW????

What did I do before the Internet? I seriously cannot remember. How
did we get work done? How did we communicate? And, more importantly,
what is going on in the world of celebrity gossip????? I'm so out of
the loop!

I'm sure you are wondering how I can post this rant if I can't get
online. I do have some access through my iPhone ... So I'm not
totally stranded. But I can't email documents, the web browsing
stinks, and thanks to AT&T (once again) my service is unpredictable
and sketchy at best.

1 comment:

Sarah said...

It is crazy when you realize how much you depend on the internet...when I don't have service I sit in the corner and cry. ;)

Hope you get back on-line soon!