September 21, 2009

If Its Motivation You Need...

I have a race this coming weekend. I havent been running a whole lot to prepare for it. I thought signing up for a 10K would keep me running, since 6 miles is a bit of a challenge (compared to a 5K), but it doesnt seem to be enough. I run when I can, but it seems to be once a week only! This past weekend (when I was doing my long-awaited-weekly-run) my running partner mentioned a race that might finally prove to be motivational.

The Paris-Versailles: La Grande Classique. In case you can't understand all the French mumbo jumbo, its a 16K (10 mile) race that starts right at the Eiffel Tower. If that cant motivate me, perhaps nothing can.

And though I talk (type) about running and motivation, I can not figure a day of the week I will find the time/ability to squeeze in some sort of running this week. And I have to this week. I cannot just walk up to the starting line this weekend with another week in between runs ... or can I?

1 comment:

RunToTheFinish said...

hmm maybe you need something besides a race...and you definitely still need a sitter to help squeeze in the time!